43 20 69 73 20 71 75 69
 72 6B 79 2C 20 66 6C 61
 77 65 64 2C 20 61 6E 64
 20 61 6E 20 65 6E 6F 72
 6D 6F 75 73 20 73 75 63
 63 65 73 73 2E 0A 20 44
 65 6E 6E 69 73 20 4D 2E
 20 52 69 74 63 68 69 65
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#!/usr/bin/env sh

This area of my website is dedicated to logging my helper scripts, as well as explaining thier use cases.

Most of my scripts are kept inside my bin, which I usually clone inside $HOME, which is included in my $PATH. With that said, each title will link to said script.

Other scripts fall outside of my bin include
- Project Specific run scripts (I wont detail each script, but will describe my general layout).
- Scripts that have thier own dedicated repos, these will be listed here.

Lastly I am only going to list the non-trivial scripts, and not my simple wrapper scripts, as these are not exciting.

The goal of pdf is to make compiling and viewing pdf's as easy as possible.

Currently pdf can compile man pages, markdown and LaTeX documents to pdf's, as well as view pdf's locally or from a URL.

TODO: Describe goto.

TODO: Describe dcd.

TODO: Describe tagd.

TODO: Describe serverstat.

TODO: Describe ws.

TODO: Describe setwp.

TODO: Describe walls.
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