~ Pronounced skippy
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About Me

* My name is Stephen Cochrane, but my friends call me Skippy (Written skiqqy).

* curriculum vitae: There are 2 methods, shown below,
1. $ man <(curl -s
2. Or you can download it here.

* I love low level coding, my language of choice is C.

* I love (LOVE!) mathematics, more specifically, abstract algebra (rings, fields and groups).

* I enjoy shell scripting and is my prefered method of automating tasks, information on my scripts can be found here.

* Vim or gtfo.

* Just read the man-pages bro.

* Come water my flowers in animal crossing pls.
About this website

This website serves as my little footprint on the amazing creation that is the internet.

Currently this website is running inside a docker container (found here) on my raspberry pi. Most of the services (git, blog, etc) are running inside of a docker container, which is on the pi, however, the more heavy services (pleroma etc) run on an entire different machine inside my local network, and gets accessed through a reverse proxy on my pi.

An important statement to make is, everything that is hosted on the domain, is hosted on my own machines locally.

Another cool inclusion of my website, is any changes that are pushed to the upstream are pulled and the website rebuilt.

If you are interested in more more in depth explanation of the setup, you can read this post, as well as this one.

* Please go take a look at my friend Tristan, aka "The king of subnets"/"alloca go brrr".
- _/
What I consider bloat

* Any program that is not "minimal", in the sense that it does not conform to the unix philosophy of doing one thing, and doing that one thing well.

* If the program is not free as in free, then I assume the program is bloated and may be malware.

* Politics.

* Google.

* Facebook.
Contact Details

* Twitter: @posix_patrol

* Instagram: @_skiqqy

* Discord: Skiqqy#1159

* IRC: skiqqy
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